• Soma Or Tramadol?

    Soma along with Tramadol are two drugs which can be utilized to treat pain in the body. While both can be effective in relieving the pain, they come with unique advantages and disadvantages. Soma is an extremely mild sedative which affects brain chemical processes in a negative manner. This could lead to dependence and abuse. This is why it […]

  • Tramadol Prescription

    It is important to discuss with your doctor about any previous health issues or conditions with your pharmacist as this can make the prescription of the correct medication easier. Additionally, tramadol can cause vomiting or diarrhea, making it difficult to fall asleep. But, your doctor may recommend a lower dosage in the event that your symptoms are […]

  • Can I legally purchase Tramadol without a prescription?

    It is unlawful to purchase Tramadol online with no prior prescriptions in the United States. Prior to shipping the product online, all the major online retailers located in the United States and nearly all other drug stores on the internet require a prescription from a doctor for purchasing Tramadol via the internet, without a doctor’s recommendation. The current mission […]